The Waldo's board of directors has begun fundraising in order to open the theatre, make repairs, and begin programming again. There is a Go Fund Me campaign online that has been in place for over a week, and press releases have appeared in local newspapers.


June 20th is Waldoboro Day -- we have two things slated for that day. First, local artist Judy Bernier is having a benefit art show for the Waldo Theatre. This will be at Old No. 9 right in the heart of the activity on Friendship Street. Judy will be showing a hundred paintings that will be up for sale. The board is very thankful for her generosity, and that of the Medomak Arts Project and Charlotte Davenhill, for the use of the space. A board member will be at Old No. 9 from 9 AM to 2 PM to answer any questions about the theatre. Please stop in, visit, and enjoy the art show.


On the evening of the 20th, Jennifer Vannah will help Light Up The Waldo through sales of glow sticks at the fireworks display. The glow sticks will sell for $2 apiece and all monies will be given to the theatre. Jen is also organizing a car wash for sometime in July. Another opportunity will be available soon to donate via Community Pharmacy in downtown Waldoboro. On Facebook, check out our page as Jen has issued a video challenge -- feel free to join in the fun!


There still seems to be some confusion about whether the theatre has a voting membership. Although the original articles of incorporation did allow for voting members when filed 25 years ago, they were amended about a year later to eliminate the voting membership. In other words, since 1991 the Waldo Theatre has not had voting members, as is often the case with non-profits. The board of directors votes on what steps to take with the theatre. In previous years, the theatre has given perks to individuals and families who have donated to the theatre at a variety of funding levels, including free admission or reduced rates for shows. This is something that is likely to return when we have a full season of programming.


The board has asked everyone who has expressed an interest in being on the board to come in for an interview. There are currently ten board members and the bylaws allow up to fifteen. The board will meet next on June 24th and complete the process of adding new members. This has taken a bit longer than expected, but it is almost finished.


A community meeting will be scheduled where the new, expanded board of directors can be introduced and a meaningful update given about future plans. Committees will be announced, and community members invited to join in wherever their interests and skills lie. This delay may be frustrating to some, but the board is trying to make sure that this gathering be a meaningful use of everyone’s time.


Questions and comments may be directed to any of the board members listed below. Email addresses are the board member’s first name


Please stay tuned for more updates here and on our website. Your interest is greatly appreciated.



The Waldo Theatre Board of Directors

Melissa Hearth, president

Brad Fillion, vice-president

Mark Berger, treasurer

Chrys Hearth, secretary

Tod Widdecombe

Jim Buckingham

Corey Honkonen

Steve Cartwright

Rebecca Waddell

Tabitha Ordway


Please let us know if you'd like to join our mailing list, and keep checking this space for updates. Let us know how you want to actively help our community theatre!





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