Thank you for your continued support of the Waldo Theatre!

We at the Waldo have been incredibly fortunate to touch the lives of thousands of people from the mid-coast over the past eight years. Endless thanks to everyone who has made the theatre’s past successes possible, and to everyone new who has come forward in support of this season and years to come.

Though we are in the planning stages for the 2015 season -- tuning up our bylaws, setting a schedule, forming committees, and adding people to our board who have proven their support of the Waldo time-and-again in recent years –- a proposal has come to light that we would like to share.

A group of people with money and connections enough to make it possible have proposed taking the Waldo in a new direction.  As presented to our president in late March, this proposal would aim to make the Waldo Theatre a brand capable of competing on a national level.  This would involve statewide, possibly national, advertising for big ticket performers, and large scale fundraising on the Waldo’s behalf.  The theatre would be closed for 2015, renovated, and would open in 2016 rebranded to a national scale.

As presented, this proposal would set ticket prices high to get top-notch performers, but aim to draw people in from far away who would be willing to consistently pay these prices.  If successful, this would revitalize Waldoboro from a business perspective, which could benefit the whole town in the long run.  However, as presented to us, community and youth theatre would no longer be produced by the Waldo Theatre, because it wouldn’t fit the national brand, much like putting a kids’ show on a Broadway stage would diminish it.  The theatre also might not be widely affordable to local customers on an ongoing basis, but would hopefully draw in people from further away to make up the difference.

There are many questions still to be answered.  What happens after the one-year of pro-bono work is over?  What expenses are the theatre expected to bear during the first year, and especially after?  How realistic is the advertising plan and the availability of national talent to come to a venue this size?  Does the local community-at-large want this?  We are determined to understand the proposal, and present it to you for your feedback as soon as possible, working closely together with those who are proposing it.

We believe that there is a common ground, where national performers and local performers can share the stage, and where everyone wins.  We are very anxious to discover how we can bring in national talent, and an infusion of resources that would benefit everyone, while also maintaining the theatre as the resource it has long been for the local community.  But there is an obligation on our part to make sure we understand what our community wants and what help is being offered.  We want to work together to bring The Waldo back to life.  So we have put a plan in place that we believe will allow us to present the proposal in detail to the whole community by May 7th.

We want everyone who is interested to participate in the decision-making process at the Waldo!  The current board members are excited by the prospect of help in making the Waldo Theatre sustainable.  We strongly feel that there is potential to bring great entertainment in, while also supporting the venue's use for local musicians, community and youth theater.





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